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Chongqing Radiance Energy Technology Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Chongqing RATO Group, a Top 500 manufacturer founded in 2007 in China. 

Started in 2019, with annual capacity over 100 thousand units, Radiance revenue reached 300 million USD in one year. Radiance leads the way forward with industry-leading portable power solutions and household energy storage ecosystem. We focus on ODM service for top brands around the world with strong R&D capability. Radiance PPS series, combined with solar panel, extend battery, smart generators, provide end users with uninterrupted power supply for both indoor and outdoor activities. For household energy storage system (HESS), our unique solution of multi-energy complementary system provides a strong backup for users’ demand of full-time worry-free power supply. 

We aim to empower our customers with meaningful products, creating a quality of life with reliable energy for people across the world. 

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    10000 Employees+

  • 2Billion USD

    2021Annual Revenue

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R&D Team

  • R&D Team

    Radiance brings together high-end talents with strong technical capability, rich experience, innovative sprit, and strong team combat effectiveness in portable power station, home, commercial and industrial ESS industry.
    30 senior production, R & D from current portable power station head enterprises;
    20 senior technician from home and commercial energy storage head enterprises;
    10 senior professionals in lithium battery related industries
    R&D Team
  • R&D Capability- Project and Field

    In 2016, we continued to cooperate with Chinese Academy of Sciences to research new technology of lithium ion battery materials and flexible solar film technology, which will be applied in the next generation of products.
    In 2017, we cooperated with China Automotive Research Institute to study the energy management system of new energy vehicles, successfully breaking through technical problems such as safety and efficiency.
    In 2018, we established a joint laboratory with Tsinghua Berkeley, Rato-TBSI, to build RATO Energy Cloud by using the world's leading digital technology.
    R&D Capability- Project and Field
  • R&D Investment

    Investment in R&D of 2021 $5 Million
    Inverter Development
    (power frequency, bidirectional integration, high power, low power consumption)
    Main Control Board Programming;
    Cloud database and remote diagnosis upgrade and security management;
    Parallel Technology;
    Fast Charging Solutions;
    BMS Technology (BMS active equalization technology, High precision lithium battery life cycle SOC core algorithm, Intelligent cooling and heating control and safety control )
    R&D Investment
  • ODM Customization L/T

    Appearance design change → design L/T (2 weeks) → mold opening L/T (6-8 weeks) → certification L/T (4-8 weeks)
    Only change LOGO and color matching → design L/T (1 week) → certification L/T (4-8 weeks)
    ODM Customization L/T


Industry-leading R&D hardware and software facilities;European and American authorized and professional customer certified laboratory.  
  • Comprehensive Safety Tester
    Comprehensive Safety Tester
  • High-power DC Electronic Load
    High-power DC Electronic Load
  • Battery PACK ATE
    Battery PACK ATE
  • Power Quality Analyzer
    Power Quality Analyzer
  • Cell Testing Equipment
    Cell Testing Equipment
  • Power Supply Analyzer
    Power Supply Analyzer
  • AC Power Supply
    AC Power Supply
  • AC Electronic Load
    AC Electronic Load
  • Data Collector
    Data Collector
  • Digital Oscilloscope
    Digital Oscilloscope
  • BMS Testing Equipment
    BMS Testing Equipment


  • Production Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • Production Workshop

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