Deepen cooperation and improve R&D capabilities ——Rato Technology signed a project cooperation agree

       On October 26th, Professor Lin Zhiqiang of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University visited Rato Shuangfu Industrial Park for inspection, and Chen Xiaolong, deputy general manager of Rato Technology General Machinery Business Department, gave a warm reception and presided over the project exchange meeting. At the meeting, the two sides signed a project cooperation agreement, aiming to deeply empower the company's technological upgrading and innovation and development through in-depth cooperation.

       Professor Lin Zhiqiang gave a training lecture on the topic of "Precise Empowerment - Efficient R&D Management", and more than 130 R&D and quality personnel from the company's relevant leaders and various business units participated in the training.
       During the lecture, Professor Lin combined the company's actual situation and his own experience accumulated over the years, and shared in a simple way by combining courseware demonstration and theoretical explanation. He started from the overall situation of enterprise operation management and product strategy, analyzed the specific undertaking methods of platform planning and product development process, and shared the whole dry goods.

       In this training, Professor Lin's wonderful sharing aroused enthusiastic responses from the on-site students, and everyone said that they benefited a lot. Scientific product strategy and R&D process is the command pole of product research and development, combined with market analysis to form product and technology roadmap planning, and then determine the platform strategy, which plays an important role in market competitive positioning. In the future, the company will focus on the development strategy, based on product research and development, and continuously improve research and development capabilities.